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Bamboo Hooded Kids Towel

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Beach or bath, this playful hooded towel moves and flows where the little goes, its design adapts with your fast-growing babe.

This is a medium weight, silky smooth, pure bamboo-cotton blended hooded towel for the little Pokos. This generously sized towel is made for warmth and coziness, and a sand-resistant and ultra-soft fabric for the modern rugrat.

Use as a swaddle or stroller/carseat blanket, then use as a towel. A large corner hood allows for a cozy cocoon feel post bath or dip in the pool. A fantastic gift for any mini Poko, that can match with the not-as-mini Poko.

Perfect for newborns to age 6!


70% Bamboo + 30% Cotton

31" W x 31" L

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